Johnathan Zepeda, MBA

Director of Administration

Johnathan (JZ) began working for The Pathfinder Network (TPN) in February 2022. As Director of Administration, JZ helps oversee the agency’s internal operation and administrative functions. JZ envisions TPN as a place where changing the narrative of how we do and work with one another is possible and hopes to set TPN apart from other organizations by being a place where our systems, policies, and practices are flexible and adaptable not just to the needs of the organization, but for the people who make up TPN.

JZ has experience working with school entities, nonprofits, and government agencies, both as an internal team member and as an external partner. JZ has operated in a variety of positions that have all worked to support efforts to improve the lives of individuals. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies with a focus on Child and Family Sciences and a Master of Business Administration degree.

JZ enjoys spending his free time in a variety of ways, his favorite thing to do is to go hiking and disconnecting from the world. Other things JZ enjoys are video games, photography, working out, running, drawing, reading, listening to music, watching nonsense tv, taking a walk the morning after it has rained, sleeping, taking care of his plants, spending time with friends and family, dancing, lots of iced coffee, sweets, learning, traveling, being lazy, sharing laughs with others, learning about people’s lives, and when the skies are clear looking up at the clouds or stars and losing himself in contemplation over the world and life.